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What we do


The frame work of V-TAG is encircled with an excellent inventory management (latest and inventory computerized system) and integrated professionals for effective delivery of customer satisfaction.
V-TAG engages in importing, supplying, distributing, wholesale and retail of pharmaceuticals, beauty care supplies and hospitality services, targeting to address Pharmaceutical wholesales, Hospital pharmacies, Community pharmacy and drug store, Specialty center and clinics, Private and public institutions and Commercial channels.

V-TAG groups include


Ivory Hotel


Ivory Hotel is a five floor hotel established under V-TAG international trading in 2016. Considering the vast development of tourism and hospitality industry our luxury hotel offers comfortable accommodations for business and holiday travelers.
Our luxury hotel has cozy and well-designed rooms to put to put at ease. Our address can provide the advantage of service accessibility such as, easy baking and shopping.

Version Pharma


Version Pharma is an importer and distributor of different pharmaceutical products, medical supplies, equipment, laboratory chemicals and reagents under V-TAG trading PLC for local markets.

V-TAG Beauty Care


V-TAG Beauty Care supply is authorized supplier of skin care and aesthetic skin care products. We supply products to different parts of Ethiopia which are non-medicated beauty care, such as hair oil, beauty soap, hair dye, deodorant’s , perfumes and so much more.

Vision Pharma


Vision Pharma pharmaceutical and medical supply wholesale is founded in March 2006. Today we become the leading pharmaceutical distributor in the country. With our excellent network we distribute numerous health care products for various health facilities.

Solo-Da Pharmacy


Solo Da pharmacy is easily accessible Pharmaceutical retailor with a wide range of medicines. Our retail shops are extended to nine branches in Addis. We have also making plans to open new shops, while keeping our values for products and community health care improvement.