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we strive for the health of the nation!

Dream View Guest House is a firm based in Ethiopia aiming at providing friendly accommodations for guests from and outside of Addis Ababa.

Welcome to V-TAG


V-TAG is a highly experienced pharmaceutical importer and distributor company in Ethiopia for the last ten years. We are known for our distinguished pursue of diversifying business engagement. This divergence leads for the expansion of our business to the hotel industry and beauty care supply.
With our 200 professional employees, excellent experience and inventory management system V-TAG enables to deliver high quality products and excellent hospitality service. our trustworthy attitude for partnership and emphasis on customer satisfaction make us a credible firm to work with.

Our Services





  • Quality service and product!
  • Accessibility!
  • We provide timely information updates!
  • Wide range of medicines!
  • We offer attractive and affordable price!
  • Various payment modalities!
  • Inventory information system!
  • Strong management!
  • We prioritize customer satisfaction!



Our mission is to deliver the highest value of services and premier products for our customers, supplier’s employees and shareholders through effective market flexibility and emphasize on community needs.



Our vision is to hold market leadership as a key business partner in the pharmaceutical and health care efforts to ensure improved community health care and to become the top 5 business group in Ethiopia by 2030.

Our values


  • Ethics and discipline
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Partnership and trust
  • Creativity and efficiency